February 29, 2020 Best Mac Cleaner Software- Smart Mac Care Review

Best Mac Cleaner Software- Smart Mac Care Review


Smart Mac Care is a cleaning utility Download now to optimize your mac, it will scan and clean your system from unwanted junk files, malware, and adware.


If you’re under a presumption that Mac machines never go rogue on you, then you’re wrong. Yes, Mac machines are comparatively better when it comes to performance and system responses, but with time, even the best products start to degrade. And the same is the case with Apple’s famous range of computers and laptops.

Unused applications piled up cache and junk, unchecked login items, and browser data tend to clutter up your Mac drive and eventually slow it down. When I experienced the same in my MacBook Pro, I spent hours cleaning the Trash bin, cache folders, and even tried uninstalling a few apps; however, it never gave a satisfactory result.

Reason? Well, in the case of Mac, you got to be careful what files you’re removing in the name of junk, and hence, I did not risk mistakenly deleting an important file. Plus, moving an app icon to the trash bin does not uninstall it completely from the Mac. So, instead of spending an entire day cleaning up junk from your Mac, it’s better to use an efficient tool compatible with your Mac to do the job. And, this is where I came across Smart Mac Care.

In this review, I explore the fine modules offered by Smart Mac Care, and how they can improve your Mac’s performance. From wiping out junk to ensuring browser safety, Smart Mac Care is a one-stop solution to your Mac’s performance and response speed issues.

Reviewing Smart Mac Care: Module-by-Module

1. Installation

2. Home screen:

Once you have successfully installed Smart Mac Care on your Mac, this is how its home screen would look like.

The Home screen displays four major types of scans Smart Care performs on your Mac. These four scans root out potential junk and cache, internet traces, and malware items deep injected in your Apple computer, and allow you to wipe them clean off your Mac in one-click.

3. Malware and Junk Scan:

The Start Scan button you see at the middle-bottom of the home screen starts a deep scan on your Mac for potential malware. The software proceeds with scanning your folders for junk files, cache, and files that may contain potential malware to damage your Mac performance. By wiping out these files, Smart Mac Care clears storage space, and relieve load off system memory to eventually improve your Mac’s speed.

4. Privacy Scan:

While scanning system folders for junk files, Smart Mac Care runs the third scan over your web browsers to find potentially dangerous internet traces. The Privacy Scan detects the information you might have saved on your preferred browser. This information can be potentially dangerous to your personal identity, and your presence over the web.

The scanner deletes that saved information that isn’t in use at that particular web session. So, make sure you aren’t working on anything on the web during the scanning process.

5. Web Protection:

If you look closely, the option for Web Protection says Enable Now. Web Protection requires enabling its in-house ad-blocker extension on the installed browsers on your Mac. The extension called Stop All Ads, that block unwanted ads and links that may be potentially malicious. It ensures that no malware is injected into the system through these links.

These links have a direct impact on your system speed as they tend to prevent your apps from functioning properly and therefore, result in unexpected crashes and halts.

To enable web protection, just click on the Enable Now button and from the new window (see image), turn on Stop All Ads for the browsers on your Mac. In my case, it’s Safari and Chrome; however, Stop All Ads extension is also available for Firefox.

6. Fixing Your Mac:

Your Mac will be refitted after you click the Fix All Items button on-screen. It would initiate the wipeout process. Depending on the junk files found on your mac, the process would take its time. The repair summary would give details on the amount of space you freed on your Mac.

Smart Mac Care Advanced Tools

Smart Mac Care is not limited to cleaning junk and scanning browsers, but it deep scans your system for other aspects that may be slowing down your Mac and degrading its speed and performance. Here are a few tools that help you in managing storage and memory on your Mac and improve its speed:

1. Uninstaller

Uninstaller lists out all the applications on your system and arranges them in order of the size of those applications, with the bulkiest one on top. You as a user have to choose which apps you aren’t using frequently or which one of them is taking space unnecessarily on your system. Just mark and select the ones you don’t need anymore and click on Clean Now. You’ll be freeing an ample space on your Mac.

2. Duplicate Finder

Duplicate media files, especially images take up a lot of space on your Mac. Lack of proper storage leaves little space for Mac programs to run on your system and cause your Mac to slow down. Smart Mac Care scans these duplicate media and doc files and allows you to delete them altogether and clear off some more storage on your Mac drive.

3. Disk Usage

This tool basically bifurcates your files as per their type and size, arranging them in different lists namely, Photos, Movies, Music, Documents, and Archives. You can expand these lists to mark and select large media files and delete them if they aren’t needed.

4. Login Items

Login items represent those apps that boot up along with your OS at the time of system startup. These apps slow down the system’s overall startup time as the memory must additionally work to startup these login items as well. Smart Mac Care allows you to manage these Login Items and improve the system’s startup time.

5. Memory Optimizer

The memory optimizer shows how much memory is being currently used on your Mac’s current session. This memory is being occupied by running programs, background processes and applications, and maybe your internet activities. This tool kills the unnecessary processes in the background and tends to improve system speed by freeing some RAM on your Mac.

Smart Mac Care is a highly effective tool that improves your Mac machine’s performance by clearing storage space and freeing up system memory. Under continuous care of Smart Mac Care software, you can manage your Mac’s performance in a much better manner and improve the system’s response time. All the modules integrated into Smart Mac Care work exclusively for Mac machines at different levels and provide an all-round performance boost to the system.

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